Seeking adventure

I feel as if I have been boxed up for the past 2 years. In reality, I know that’s not true. I have crewed, directed and spectated at some of the most scenic races in the region. I have swam and paddled the beautiful water that we are lucky enough to live on and I even made a trip to the Adirondaks this fall in between surgeries to climb some mountains and breathe in that fresh mountain air.

It seems though, with this last cold spell, and this sudden warm up, that I am “stuck”. I haven’t had a true adventure since our Ireland trip a few years ago and I am itching to get back to something big. I am really excited to go on an adventure pain free – Even the Ireland trip, I never took a pain-free step.

So the next few months are about getting back to a level of fitness that will allow me to do something great this year.

I did get clearance to ride my fatbike yesterday – On flat, non iced over stuff. Ha… Good luck. I also am approved to get my walk/run program going and I am cleared to lift at the gym in any fashion…. Except jumping and explosion movements.

I did 10 lunges at PT yesterday and almost fell over from the “lunge cramps”. If you ever took time off from leg workouts, you know what I mean.

I also am not supposed to run outside yet, and I am not supposed to even think about any elevation yet but I am “running” and getting some movement and strength back. I can only run for 1 or 2 minutes at a time right now, but I couldn’t walk a few weeks ago…. so… there’s that.

So, today while it pushes 60 degrees in January (after being -22 just a few days ago) I will hit the weights, hit the treadmill, and dream of what adventures I really want to go on.

I am thinking that this is the adventure for me this fall – But likely the relay, not as a solo effort.

I think a week long summer trip this summer to climb each peak and enjoy some ADK brews followed by a trip back in the fall to race the 6er Relay.

Anyone interested?

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