On with the racing

To the few readers I have left after hardly writing over the past few years, I have a message…. And of you readers… this is for the even fewer who actually care….. I signed up for a race last night.

Holy shit…. At my heaviest weight ever… I signed up for a race.

And it is on a road…

Sort of.

The 17th annual Rochester River Run – I ran this event years back when I first started running post college, and when a friend suggested it, it made sense.

It gives me about 3 months to learn how to do this running thing again.

I have no idea what my legs will allow or how much training my surgically repaired body will really allow but I have 3 months to figure that out and get to where I can by then.

The race is traditionally pretty large, so I likely won’t get “stuck on an island” and it is just a 5k which allows me to not worry too much about getting the distance done.

It will be this one road race and then back to the trails. By May 2nd, I will be 6 months post surgery and I will be cleared to look at some trails again and also actually start running on them.

So here we go. I actually feel more focused already now that I have a goal, and I feel excited to have that back in my life.

Now here is the deal – – – I have heckled you chumps for the past 3 years every chance I got. I have done it with a cast, with a scooter, with a boot. I have done it just a few days post surgery, I have done it sober, and drunk. I have been out there mocking you in the sun, snow, and rain, from every charity walk……. to every climb…. Can I get a few of you to show up and mock the shit out of me at this thing?

Just be warned… this ain’t no MFAMTL – It’s 3.1 miles, and I don’t plan on taking forever…. so… Keep up.


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