This was overdue

I have been down and out and all lamed up for a few years, and the fact is – in that time I have not written much at all. A few things here and there but for the most part when I wasn’t active, neither was my writing.

I wonder why – – – Read here….. 

So here we are. Writing, late on Sunday and early on Monday and the only real reason I can think of that I opened up this site and logged on to put words on a screen is that I ran this weekend.

There is plenty of research that just being outside helps the brain and creativity and I for one would have said this without ever asking a scientist what they thought.

So what was this weekend for us? It was almost entirely outside. I woke up on Saturday after being sick all night and took the dog for a small little walk, I started to feel better right away which led to Sunday being a day of adventure for us.

We started the day with a 2 dog run (We are dog sitting my moms dog until April)

I ran WITH Sheila for the first time in forever and that was super fun. I look forward to adding miles and doing this more. A tired dog is a good dog as they say.

Then we laced up the skates because we FINALLY had good ice and we went out and hit up the pond for a bit. I did not skate last winter because of surgery so I was so excited.

It took about 10 minutes before I found my legs, but once I did it was zoom zoom!

After that we decided it was a perfect day to catch some fish and drink some beers, and fish we caught and beers we drank!

Mostly non keepers and some out of season fish, so all of ours went back in as usual. I almost always fish catch and release.

To finish it off about 1/4 mile out I spotted what I thought was a snowy owl (which are visiting Rochester in large numbers). Sheila had asked me if I wanted my real camera, with my telephoto lens, and I stupidly said no… So even though this is my favorite bird – – These are the only photos I captured.

This morning I got up and walked the dogs via headlamp so my moms dog would burn off some of her energy before being home while we went to work.

So hopefully this 2 year-long writers block starts to come to an end and I get 2 years worth of ideas just flowing out of me.

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