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Last week I wrote about my return to racing – As much as I love running just to run, I am all about testing myself, finding my limits, and working to improve them. So while I will spend the next 2-3 months running and enjoying the process, after that I will be setting some goals, I just tend to operate better this way.

I have found a new sense of calm about where I am now and I am excited to start racing again. I am sort of looking at my running in 3 stages right now – High school/College – Post college runs – and now Post Surgery runs.

It is helping me look at my runs with a determination instead of frustration. Over the past 12 months, I was not walking for 2 of those months and I was in a boot for another 2 of those. So in 12 months, I moved around on my own 2 feet for only 8 of them.

That puts things into perspective for me.

So I picked my first race – I got excited, and I planned out a year. Sheila recently did the same… so more for me, than for you I made a handy little chart so we can see where we are…. maybe print this bad boy and put it on the fridge.


Month Eric Shme
January DONE  DONE
February Just run, lift, ride

Run, lift, ride

 See my notes to the left
March  Repeat

Direct this race

First event for Trail Methods Photos

 Um, duh – see my notes.

Run for 6 hours at MFAMTL

April  River Run 5k – my first race  

Goal: 30:XX


 Intensity – Insanity – Miles on miles!
May  Medved Madness Relay  Medved Madness Relay


 Same as Eric + huge miles to get ready for goal racing


July  Direct 0SPF

Run many pain free miles

Volunteer at Cayuga

Saranac 6?

 Direct 0SPF – 

RACE Cayuga marathon

Saranac 6?

August  Lucifers Crossing? Race or crew

Saranac 6?

Lucifers Crossing

One of us is racin’

Saranac 6?

September  Direct Webster Trail Classic  Direct Webster Trail Classic
October  Crewin and puttin in miles  Watergap 50k
November  Mendon 20k Goal – 1:59:59 It’s all down hill from here

Maybe Mendon?

December  Direct WTF  Direct WTF

I have goal races, I have fun events, I have new things to unveil for our company (Trail Methods). All in all I am more excited about getting outside than I have been in some time!

Join me on the journey! It’s going to be a blast!

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