Anything planned this weekend?

Earlier this week I had someone ask me “What did you do this weekend?” then today I had someone ask me “Got any plans for the weekend?”. I thought long and hard about both responses and the people who were asking them.

Would they understand last weekends 20 mile fat-bike ride in 3 inches of sludge?

Would I have to explain running 10, 200’s at 5k pace with a 1 minute jog in between?

Someone had mentioned they were going to Letchworth, and I was like “oh man, we literally just did every single trail in the park last week, my wife and I direct a race that is 40 miles from one side of the dam to the other”.

I was met with blank stares of people who hardly recognize that the things we do are actual things.

Then I really started to think about it because people will ask “why?” or say “that’s crazy.”

Why do I want to run another sub 5 minute mile? I have not done it since the year 2000. Why do I want to start at the Mount Morris entrance to Letchworth and thru-hike carrying everything we need, on all of the trails in an order and see if it can be done in a week?


Because if my answer to “what did you do this weekend” is “Mowed the lawn, watched some netflix, got some sleep.” I would literally lose my mind.

I don’t think that what we do is better than what someone else does. I am also not naive enough to think that is all other people do all weekend, especially folks with children.

I am however, constantly inspired by parents who are doing the things Sheila and I know we would be doing if we are ever lucky enough to have children of our own.

Take our friend Heather, A big ass rode trip with a newborn? Backpacking with a baby?

So, I just know for me, and our family, the answer needs to hold some adventure more often than not. It needs to hold some outdoor time. It needs to be in the woods and mountains and lakes.

This is in our blood and who we are as a couple and I am so thankful to Sheila for sharing these adventures with me.

So, what are we doing this weekend? Oh I dunno we will sit by a campfire Friday night for sure. Then I am going to hammer out some miles super early Saturday before anyone is awake because my mom might be in town. Saturday afternoon we will hit up a bunch of breweries and visit with friends we haven’t spent enough time with recently, and then Sunday without a doubt I will be somewhere on my bike….

How about you?


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