Did I kill Frugal Friday?

I used to write a weekly post that I titled “Frugal Friday” where I reviewed gear and tech that could be found at an affordable price for folks who were living with less but still wanted to get out and adventure.

It was something that weekly, I put a decent amount of time in with, and I am sure some folks picked up some items I had reviewed or at the very least gave them a look.

Over the years I stopped with those posts and it is for a few reasons. Not buying as much “stuff”, not writing as often as I did, spending 2 years broken recovering from nasty foot surgeries.

Mostly though – I realized as I was capable of spending more, I should.

I do not mean this to mean the way that sounds, so let me explain.

This past summer I bought a pair of shorts made by Patagonia for $70.00. Yes, that is right 70 dollars for a pair of shorts. I thought to myself that I was out of my mind. It surely put me out of my comfort zone, 70? Seven Zero? – Yeah.

I would normally have looked for a similar pair of shorts from target or even walmart for 15-20 dollars.

I had made the decision on the shorts to be a moral one.


Bruh – It’s shorts.

Sure, but where are the shorts from? What environmental practices do the companies have? How do they treat employees? Do they use child labor? Pay a living wage? Treat pregnant women with dignity and respect?

I have no relationship with Patagonia – In fact it is one of the few outdoor brands that I have never received a single free item from.

Here is what they do stand for that  I like.

  1. Environmentalism –  From purchasing land to keep it safe, to advocating for responsible use, to refusing to purchase product from sources unless they can prove (and inspecting) that they are sustainable.
  2. Protecting Migrant Workers  – Sheila and I believe so strongly in this – Just read the work they are doing – This goes hand in hand with Fair Trade Practices.
  3. Paid Pregnancy Leave and onsite day care– 4 months paid for mom 3 months for dad – 3 months for any family that adopts – Not using FMLA or any other trick to pay less – 4 months. Paid.
  4. Living and Fair Wage – They fight for this even if it means less profit. That’s kind of cool

There are more reasons of course, these ones just stuck out to me. I find myself in a constant struggle to make better decisions. To lower my footprint, to treat people in need with dignity, to do all the things I say I believe in can be hard.

Something that is simple is just not purchasing from the places that don’t do the bare minimum because a profit margin might suffer.

So, I spent 70 bucks on shorts – Effectively killing Frugal Friday in the process…. Ya know what, though? I will do it again soon, even though I am not a huge fan of the shorts.

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