I’m a yogi now

It has been almost one month since I decided that I was going to commit to trying to fix myself in an alternative way and spend a year working hard to avoid surgery on this messed up tendon of mine.

I have gone to almost 10 yoga classes since that decision. I am consistently not good at yoga. I am told “That is why you need to practice”

I am often in a frustrated state in class where I can’t do certain things others are doing. I am not good at “not being good. But I was reading up on how to improve at yoga and came across this quote;

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.  It just blooms.”

In my first class I learned that the studio where I go does not have mirrors because they want people to focus on what they can do and not focus on what others do. I still find it hard.


Here are some other things I find hard about yoga

  1. No dudes. In more than 1 class I have been the only male. It’s strange
  2. No matter who is in that class. I sweat more (it is hot yoga). But somehow people leave the class bone dry. I really don’t know how.
  3. I am not great at shutting off my mind
  4. I feel like I will never be a guy who does Omms – I’m not all about it


So there we are, 1 month into yoga. I am not sure I like it. It’s not a community feel like running is. It’s an hour and fifteen minutes of exactly the opposite of that, but I know there are benefits to the practice that I am and will continue to benefit from. I am a tad bit more flexible that when I started. I am working on calming my thoughts when I want to rage on to the world. I am finding ways to embrace this process a bit more than usual. Those are all good things about this path that I have chosen.

Besides, I bought a year long pass – – So whatever – Namaste, Bitches


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