I’ve been floxed!

In working with a team of medical professionals to figure out why I am having tendon issues the way I am, I had a conversation last night that led me to some research.

It also led me to be really pissed off at my Primary Care office, and deepened my lack of faith in doctors to ask the right questions before prescribing medicine.

In short, i’ve been floxed.

November of 2017 was my 2nd Achilles surgery – The one that failed. In march of 2018 I was given an antibiotic for a simple infection that cleared up in a few days.

That antibiotic was Ofloxacin – a fluoroquinolone – Which has a black box warning label from the FDA indicating that it seriously increases the risk of tendiopathy and tendon rupture – Specifically in the Achilles Tendon, and this side effect may last for months after taking the medicine.

Here is a brief from NCBI :

The Risk of Fluoroquinolone-induced Tendinopathy and Tendon Rupture

I was not running yet in March, but recovery was going well – Then I noticed a lump in my tendon, but for all accounts it made sense as “swelling will continue up to 12-15 months post surgery”.

The lump got worse – more painful – and was eventually MRI’d and diagnosed as an “Achilles that is  enlarged and thickened with an abnormality at the insertion with multiple small tears/rupture points”.

It took until now to really put 2 and 2 together when I asked “could something be going on internally that is causing tendon issues in me” and I was asked if I had any blood work done (I had, all normal) and “Did you take any antibiotics?”

I did – Let me go look at what I was given…. Poison – I was given poison.

The fact that this is apparently very common and there was a black box warning is so frustrating – Read here for something MUCH easier to read than the NCBI study 

A quick google search and it seems under no circumstances should I ever have been prescribed this medicine with my history of Tendon surgery,  and certainly not within a few months of an open tendon repair.

More and more often I hear stories of Doctors missing simple things like this. I hear people say things like ” I should have read the labels.” Maybe that is true, we need to be better advocates for our own health because no one else is. Yet the fact remains that we trust our medical professionals to know what is best for us. We go to them when we are sick and vulnerable – They need to do better.

Medicine in this country has devolved into nothing more than a corporation – Corporations are around to make the most money in the shortest time and in that process step on a lot of people to get where they are. Every person I know has a story of something like this happening.

So now we move forward in to the “how to fix it” phase, which seems like maybe time, not to mention everything I have been doing. Supplementing, collagen, yoga, acupuncture etc etc etc.

I am pretty frustrated and angry – but I also need to continue thinking about things in terms of solutions or I will get stuck in a negative mindset – So forward – To yoga class and the elliptical machines.

Want more information on this? A quick google search can help


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