The knife, again

Here we go again. As far as these achilles tendons go. This better be it.

May 2016 – Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

September 2016 – Shockwave Therapy

Feb 2017 – Right Achilles Surgery

Nov 2017 -Left Achilles Surgery

March 2019 – Left Achilles +Left Patella Surgery

So this week I went in for a new procedure called Percutaneous Tenotomy – This was as non invasive and pain free as we have been able to get from all of the above procedures.

Using a device called a TenJet – After an incision is made, the TenJet is inserted, guided by ultrasound and debrides any damaged tendon as well as any calcium deposits. For an animated video of the procedure – check here

While we were doing the achilles, we were able to clear a lot of nasty calcium deposits in my left patella tendon as well. Here is that procedure:

So this is the plan as it stands now. For yesterday, today, and tomorrow I am non weight bearing and icing for swelling/pain. Starting Saturday I can start to add weight bearing but always with crutches. At 1 week I can start weight bearing without the crutches, but will keep them as a way to add in additional recovery.

I am in a boot…. again…. for what I think is the 7th time?

On April 2nd I will see the surgeon again and we will (hopefully) make the decision that we are done with the boot.

I have already scheduled my first PT appointment for April 3rd.

So basically this:

Boot for any weight bearing for the next 2 weeks. (until April 2)

Crutches if pain while walking with boot past week 1 (until March 26)

Non weight bearing range of motion after 3 days (March 22)

PT starts at week 2 (April 3)

Weeks 2-6 continue ROM and mobility work – Balance and strength work added in – Begin light aerobic exercise – Return to normal activities of daily living

(April 3 – 30)

Weeks 6-12- Progress strength – Add dynamic activity, functional motions. Progress back to full activities as pain allows. (May 1- June 4th).

In essence sometime between May 1st and June 4th I will have a return to running and being active on the trails.

It will be slow, cautious, and conservative. My plan is to only run 2 days a week 3 max once I am back and keep my miles pretty low.

When this all started I was planning a trip to France to race in the UTMB week of festivities with Columbia. Now, I think 20k and under would be a nice fun day in the woods for me.

I will add yoga and consistent Mountain Biking. Many On The Genny is June 22nd this year. We might need some help marking the course because I probably wont be up for a 20 mile day. We will put out feelers soon for folks who think they know the course 😉

Thanks for all the well wishes and jokes – They mean a lot

Forward we go.


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