Every storm runs out of rain

I  am siting here with bright sunshine and warming temps with a boot on, crutches in the corner, and 14 episodes of the flash down and I read this quote that stated “Every storm runs out of rain” and it really caught my eye and my thoughts.

I sat on it and I put it to use in my current situation, sitting here post surgery.


Hoping that this is the summer, this is the fall, this is the winter that I can participate in events that I have long waited to get back to, or adventures out there waiting for me to go on with Sheila (we are looking at you mountains and rivers).

I remembered going to Ireland after my first procedure and it rained literally every single day that we were there. Then as we got on the bus to head to the airport it was sunny, and it stayed that way for the next 4 days.

We had made the best of our time. we had the right gear, and we did what we could in the rain, and in the end the sun came out. It always does.

I am in a long (since 2016) cycle of injury and surgery. I feel like we have to be on the edge of it here this time. This storm is going to run out of rain soon, and when it does , i’m going to dance in the daylight because I’ve jumped in as many puddles as I can at this point.

That’s the thing of it though. Just because  the storm will run out of rain doesn’t mean the rain isn’t worth your time. Sometimes spending time in the rain and getting soaked for a while is what you need to really appreciate the sunshine.

Sometimes the rain and the clouds, those are the things that you really need.

Sometimes storms draw something out that calm seas can’t.  I have learned and grown and lived fully these past few years. I have lost an awful lot, but have not sat at home, I have not moped on the couch. Bad days? Sure. Bad years? No way.

I guess the point I am trying to make is just because you know the storm will stop, doesn’t mean you have to wait until it does. This storm has a purpose, and I can see the start of something better, now I just need to get through it!

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