Like a coiled spring

This week was day after day of bright sunshine and clear skies. I sat in the boot – crutches by my side – Waiting.

I had my knee and achilles worked on, so most any workouts are currently off limits. Certainly all the ones I want to do – This includes running, hiking, skiing, biking.

Things feel really good though and that has all this energy just building up. I feel like a dog who has been stuck inside all day on that perfect spring day.

When you finally let them outside, they run in circles, bounding around, they roll in the grass, they jump with joy, they smile with their entire bodies. You can see the joy and the energy radiating off of them.

I feel like that – I feel like I want to run in circles in a yard, roll in the grass, shake my butt to the sky and wiggle with happiness, wait that’s weird. I will stick to just being happy to be back outside

The last race I ran was April 16th of 2016 – The last race I raced Was September 12th of 2015. Racing is far from my mind right now – I would love to participate in an event again in 2019 though.

For now though, this energy is building – I want to release it and share it with everyone.

I get scans on Tuesday at 8am. I should start PT at 2pm on Wednesday.

I have worked up this plan with so many smart qualified professionals and it seems to be working. This is the first time in a long time I  have felt a general positive feeling about this stuff.

The hardest part will be holding back, but after 3-4 years and 4 procedures/surgeries what the rush?

I am coiled though and that energy is ready.


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