2020 huh?

OK here we go – Do people still blog? Does anyone still read if they do? Should this just be a catchy social media post that can score me some likes? Anyway…..

I like goals though, and this seems as tangible place as ever to write some down and continually check back on them. I want my goals to be community, environmental, and fitness related for 2020 so I put some time putting thought into what those would be.

  1. Environmental. I want to find ways to be better here it’s simple. Use less. But how?
    1. Purchase less stuff. We already have so much. My goal is to live on what we have in 2020. If we do not need it, I want to try to put off purchasing it.
    2. Throw less out. Purchasing products that don’t have packaging, using what we have. Recycling or upcycling what we can.
    3. Shop local. Not buying online will eliminate the “final mile” shipping which is environmentally horrible. There is no good way to get a single product to a home without carbon footprints expanding. This will be a huge change and will allow us to support local business here in town
    4. Continue to eat as little meat as possible. I have a lot of health success going this route and will continue it.
  2. Community
    1. The last point to environmental allows us to shop local. I have been shopping almost exclusively online the past 5 years as I always searched for a better deal. Being on more sound financial footing will allow us to pay a bit more to be local and keep our dollars here
    2. Race with local home grown race organizations. This is the same concept. I do not want to support the large corporate endurance events. Many people support us with our events and now that I am starting to run again I want to return that favor
    3. Try to find locally sourced food (this is environmentally friendly too). Wegmans does a really great job of this with produce, but I might want to look into the markets and farm stands for summer options.
  3. Fitness
    1. Race – I want to run a race every month. I do not know if there is an option that let’s me do this safely with my injury past, but I want to participate more, so a goal of monthly will help keep me on track
    2. Race the mile again. It has been since 1999 since I ran the mile. Over 20 years. I want to feel that again so I am going to take my time, but I want to do it again.
    3. Lose the weight. I know people see this and think that the focus cannot be on the weight, but the truth is the weight is and has played into the injuries. Just like being too thin is dangerous, so too is being too heavy. It is hard on joints, on organs, on belts. It makes working out harder and running fast impossible. The weight has to go. I won’t put a number on it. I know it, the doctors all keep repeating it. It is important and if I do the stuff above, should happen.
    4. An extra one – Get back in to serious writing. Some about me ( I like having a record of the journey) and some for journalistic efforts. I want to really tell stories of the local trail  endurance scene. I have written a few stories that I really love and I think there is a lot out there. I used to write with themes based on the days of the week. I might bring that back just to keep me focused and moving forward.

So there it is. A blog. With resolutions of sorts.

One thought on “2020 huh?

  1. HELL YES ERIC! You and Sheila are the best humans I know. I don’t know how I got so lucky. Your goals are wonderfully hard, and oh so worth it. Yes, blogging is still a thing and I wish more runners did it. More blogging in 2020 for BOTH you and Sheila!


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