Frozen Assets 2020


I set a goal to race every month in 2020. 12 races, as long as I keep holding up and progressing. My first chance was  yesterday in grass roots, home grown, trail race.

Frozen Assets is one of my favorite local races. It is a snowshoe 5k (again no snow this year, so a regular trail race). It is in a beautiful location that I only go to once a year specifically for this race.

There is a post race party at The Brewery in town. All in all it is exactly the kind of race I really like.

I am in as bad of shape (conditioning and body weight) as I think I could possibly be and it showed literally the second we hit our first uphill.

The race starts downhill on the open road and turns into single track. You follow some really nice single track for a while and then you make a right hand turn up a hill.

At this point my heart rate spiked as I don’t have the conditioning to run hard and THEN run uphill. It will come with work, but it’s not there yet. My heart rate went up. I could not catch my breath, and about 20 people ran right past us.

By the time I settled in and we hit some beautiful single track again I was running again, albeit slowly, but running.  I was unable to run anything that was even remotely uphill, which is tough because the course is just so runable and should be really fun.

Sheila decided to run this race with me, so I was not walking hills in the woods alone. Had she raced, it looks like it would have been an easy age group win so she put that aside to hang with me.

It was fun to be out running with her, I appreciated the company yet I am hoping to be racing soon and not just running.


What went well: Running with Sheila. Being in the race environment. Challenging myself instead of staying home.

What could go better: Actually be able to at least jog up a hill….

What’s up next: I might race again at Winterfest next weekend, it will depend on how the week progresses and if I think it is smart.

Worst case, I am going to tackle the Little Rodenta 4 mile event that is part of the Cast A Shadow event in February.

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