A las Bermudas y luego a España

I hope that title is correct – It is likely not. I have been brushing up pretty hard on my Spanish, which can also be stated as I am trying to learn how to speak Spanish, because we booked trips to Bermuda and Spain.

In 2016 on a whim and with a few dollars in the account we took a trip to Ireland. It was great, we traveled light and saw a good chunk of the country. Then we dove head first into things here at home. We bought our house, fought off flooding, did a major renovation and lived life here on the lake. We had not traveled since 2016 as we worked through all of those projects plus lost a very close friend to chrohn’s disease.

About a month ago the best man from our wedding floated the idea of us heading to Bermuda when they would be there this spring – Without much thought we decided yes we would want to join them.I had been working really hard at work, and was rewarded with some time to take.

It would be fun to actually see the island, spend some time and adventure off the beaten path. We launched a plan to try to run every single trail on the island the week we were there, like we have done in parks here. It has really motivated me to get in shape again as my legs are finally seeming to be healed up… Right in line with the expected recovery time of 1 year for each surgery. So we will head there on our spring break from school and enjoy some ocean breezes for a while. It should be pretty low key, so we are excited about it.

How did Spain come up though?

Sheila lived in Valencia while she studied abroad learning to become a Spanish teacher, but she was a poor college student and could not afford to travel while she was there. The day we met, she has expressed how she wished she could go back, especially to Barcelona because she never made it there. It seemed like it would probably not happen though. Over the years it has come up and I have encouraged her to keep using her Spanish as much as possible.

The we started watching  The Neighbor on Netflix, which is in Spanish, and Sheila began talking again about wanting to get back to Spain. I started keeping track of how often she was bringing it up. Then we saw a new show about crazy houses all over the world, stop #1 was in Spain.

In the span of 2 weeks Sheila mentioned wanting to go back and regretting not being able to travel 10 times. I sat in my office at work, typed in a bunch of options for travel. Compared flights and with no plans booked the tickets before I could talk myself out of it.

My Dad spent a lot of time sick and was not able to enjoy his retirement as he passed away too soon. Our friend Lisa passed away suddenly in her 30’s. This happens to people ALL the time, all over. There are always regrets and “I wish I would have” statements from those left behind.

They want to save money, or our my case “pay debt”.  We keep saying how we want to retire early, to pay it all off now and then be able to get done early, maybe work part time at a running shop and travel. The issue this plan is that there is no promise that 1. We will get there or 2. We will be able to do those things. Too many things could happen, we see it all the time. So I bought the tickets.

Then I let Sheila know.

For those out there wondering, yes, I was nervous because it is a lot of money and we had not talked about it, and we talk about purchases as small as “yo, we have money for me to get a bagel today?” because there was a time when the answer would have been no.  I felt strongly about it though. I knew Sheila would want to do this and would get excited to plan all of the places to go and things to see.

So we are heading to Bermuda and Spain, holy cow. In Bermuda we will be taking on all of the trails and as much of the nature of the island as we can. In Spain we don’t have plans yet. We will start in Madrid, check out some small towns, and head to Barcelona. We want to be in the mountains, we want to take in the culture, and are not really interested in the “touristy” things.

We will each be traveling with 1 backpack and our running packs. That’s it.

Has anyone here traveled to Spain? Any off the beaten path places you loved? Anything you hated?

Let us know – Estamos emocionados y no podemos esperar!

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