Little Rodent and a weekend outside

This Saturday I ran a snowshoe race called “The Little Rodent”. It is the little brother to a 6 hour snowshoe event called Cast A Shadow and is part of the Goose Adventure Racing Snowshoe series

I have run this race once a before, it is always a fun time if we can get on the snowshoes and race!

Details: The Little Rodent is a 2 loop race of the Cast A Shadow course in Black Creek Park in Chili, NY.  The loops were about 2.75 miles each for just under 5.5. miles for the event.

The course is mostly flat, when you are in shape all of the hills are totally runable and the finish area is directly outside of the lodge which is heated, has indoor bathrooms, and a ton of space to spread out and relax pre and post race.

When there is enough snow, the event is a snowshoe race. This year there was so the little rodent goes out on what ended up being totally untouched trail due to a heavy snow dump the night before.

This meant that the first loop we spent time breaking the trail and the second loop was a tad bit easier, even with blasted stabilizer muscles!

What went well: I promised myself to run the first loop easy and try to negative split. I finished really strong with a final sprint/climb/sprint to the finish (they put a punchy little hill right before the finish).  38:08 first lap 37:11 second loop

I felt the feeling of racing for the first time in a long time. I was not just a participant as I actually chased and avoided being chased for the event.

Much better feeling than just a few weeks ago at Frozen Assets – My fitness improved in a short amount of time.

What could go better: Maintain contact. In an effort to “run my own race” I lost contact with the front edge runners and was way ahead of the back edge leading to time being spent completely alone for almost the entire race. 1/4 mile in I let them go, and did not catch anyone until 1/10th mile to go at the end.

1st time running/racing on snowshoes in 3 winters. I caught my toe a few times, and bit it pretty hard once. More practice sure would be nice.

Continue to work on fitness – Only one way  I know how

Gear used: I ran in some Adidas Terrex Trail Pants. I got them for XC ski but they were great. First non “tights” or shorts I have ever raced in. I highly suggest them.

A long sleeve compression shirt from target was all I needed up top, and honestly could have done with just a simple t-shirt under the jacket as I was working really hard in the snow.

I wore my lightweight Columbia windbreaker – Bad idea. There is a mesh lining on the bottom half. I got sweaty. It got to the mesh and before it could breathe out it froze…. Into a slushy like substance…. that sat against my body. Not fun. Would rethink this in the future.

Buff for my headwear – Buff is incredible go to for me in the winter

For snowshoes, it was a simple choice. I have a bunch of options at home but went with the Garneau Course with BOA bindings. They are the lightest fastest snowshoes we own.


What’s up next: The only trail race in March locally that I could find was the Last Runner Standing that Sheila and I put on, and I am unable to race in that as we direct it. So, we signed up for the Runnin Of The Green and we will run it together for fun and beers! Making some April decision soon – which will of course include our trip to Bermuda!


The day after the race we spent the whole day outside. We shoveled off an area to play hockey and skate on the pond. We went fat biking around the heavy snow where no one had been and just enjoyed being outside.

I have been waiting for a weekend like this forever. Pain free for the first time in years and I enjoyed every minute of it. Sheila was on course taking race photos all day Saturday and then spent the rest of the time outside with me on Sunday- Below are some of my favorite photos of the weekend.

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