Running gave us the skills

Running, by its nature, is not easy. Why do we run though? For some people it is social, for some people you want to lose weight, some folks are goal oriented and that keeps them focused. Others are running from things, and yet others are chasing something, we all have our reasons why.

We do this when it is ungodly hot and humid – We do it bundled up in the winter. We get on machines like the treadmill and act like mice on a wheel.

We go to massage therapists, we do PT, we run through every type of niggle and pain that comes our way. For some of us our nipples chafe, others rubbed thighs. There are entire instagram accounts to show nasty feet of runners. Blisters, black toe nails, missing toenails.

So no, running by its nature is not easy.

Why do we do it then? All of the above doesn’t seem to add up for me. I think deep down it is because we want to prove that we can. We can climb that hill, we can race that pace, we can outrun our aging, we can come back from that injury.

We run because it proves to us time and time that we can overcome and persevere.

Many of you right now are struggling with being away from the community – Run so you can rejoin once we are back together.

Many of you are struggling with the anxiety of the unknown. Run so you can take control. The miles, the pace, the feelings.

Many of you feel “trapped” inside – Run so you can feel alive and free again.

Running is not the answer to how to get through this social isolation and distancing, but if you are a runner, you know deep down that you already have the skill set to do it.

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