The written word

I don’t write as much as I used to, but one thing remains for me, I would rather read an article than watch a video about the same story. I subscribe to the local news paper, I have a national subscription to newsweek, and I choose to get almost all of my other news in written stories not visual or audio.

They say now “there is a podcast for everything”, or even the joke that “everyone has a podcast these days”. There was a time when blogs were like that, then vlogs took over and led to some of these youtube stars. Then the era of the social media boom and “influencers”. It’s all changed in just a few short years as well.

Why should I write about my day, job, race, project, or highlights, when in under one minute I can post on social media, throw in a photo, and badabing I start getting likes? The likes are addictive – Multiple studies show that.

It doesn’t usually tell a story though, and I think we all know that. I don’t get a sense of your personality on social media. I can’t read your stories in my own voice because you chose the voice. It is too….. curated, for lack of a better word.

We live in a mobile world now. I study it a lot to see the best way to reach people for races and for some of the causes I believe in. It all seems click baity and I fall for it as much as the next person, but it still bothers me.

It feels like longer form written word stuff is almost dead, even the newsweek or nat geo stories are shorter with more visual media. In a mobile and constantly connected, quick turn over, immediacy world, people scroll through, click a heart or give a thumbs up and move on without really taking in what was said/shown. I saw – I move on to the next thing and repeat

If you read, or are reading this. You are a bit more invested (thanks for making it this far). I use a website called FeedReader – It sorts all of the websites I like to read from. Almost none that are not professional writers are still writing, they have almost entirely moved on to social media.. Taking their thoughtful wonderful voices and turned them into quick tidbits. A flash. I can’t hear you.

I miss your voices.

Not the ones you speak with. The ones you think and write with.  I believe writing in this format takes more thought. More planning. More care for how to get your message out.

We have been home now for over a month. I read through some of your old stuff – Some of you were really polished writers. Others wrote raw with emotion that I felt connected to. Some other still are hilarious and I can HEAR you saying the stories you wrote.

I would love for you to come back. To write more and social media less.

I keep falling victim to engaging in social media fights – I know how fruitless it is and I have yet to see someone change another person’s mind via social media, but a well written well voiced story…. Those can.

In fact, I believe writing can – has – changed the world. I can think off the top of my head some of my favorite writers, or books, or reporters. I can’t say the same about my social media feed.

Maybe I am following the wrong people (and if you follow me, maybe you are as well haha) but I still believe in the written word.

Come on back people – Let’s start sharing a bit deeper. Or don’t, that’s cool too. I am going to give it a better go if I can though. It’ll help us pass the time in this quarantine for a little bit longer.

In case you need it -Here is a photo. It is a duck, on a tree, scratching like a dog would. Enjoy

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