Running during quarantine

On June 20th a small crew joined us to run our course for Many On The Genny. We were super nervous to see people because we had not been with anyone including family from the March lockdown until that day. You can read about that here.

We had a crew of people who we trusted. People who were also taking the virus seriously, we were outside, we were never close to anyone for extended periods of time. We celebrated with a thank you day outside at our place. We had a campfire and an outdoor showing of jaws on the pond. It was well calculated, but it was a risk. It is sad that we need to think about these things constantly.

It has really impacted the way we operate within the running community as well. Since March we have not seen anyone inside, we had all of our group runs cancelled, and our summer and fall races were all cancelled. We have gone to the homes of a few close friends, never being inside with them, eliminating risk as best as we can.

This week we hosted our first group run. It is a hill workout, that everyone runs their own pace and spreads out along the trail. The waiver is signed digitally on your own phone so we don’t pass a device or pen around.

I am thankful though for the ability to do this. I spent years missing running but always had social parts to my lift to try to fill that gap. The past few months have been no social bits, but I have running back.

Trail running allows me and Shme to get away from the world, see some amazing things, share those experiences and maintain a bit of who we were before all of this happened.

This weekend we went to Letchworth. We took in the Grand Canyon of the East in full peak foliage. We ran about 8 miles with scenery and peacefulness. Utilizing the Finger Lakes Branch Trail we avoided the massive crowds on the other side of the river and we were rewarded with solitude and views that we wanted.

We are going to host our winter event aptly named “WTF”. It will be 50 runners in 3 waves in place of 200+ runners. The event will be changed from a 5, 10, or 15 mile event to just the 5 miler so no runners will never be passing each other, crossing paths, or clogging up the trails. Just 1 loop, 30 minutes apart for the waves.

Runners will be required to wear masks (it’s the winter trail festival so they probably will regardless). There will be no lodge with a hot fire, warm drinks, and homemade soups.

There will be no finish line high fives, no kids making snowmen at the finish line. There will be no shared hot broth for runners taking on multiple loops.

It won’t be the same, but we feel confident we can do this the right way in December and honor some of the runners the races are in memorial of.

My running is just 3 days per week right now as I am keeping a commitment to remaining healthy, this means Tuesdays on hills, Thursdays on the track, and Saturday getting in a longer effort.

Racing has been screwed up by this pandemic, but we can still run. Fall is the best running season and I am taking it all in right now. Missing all of you and looking forward to the day we ALL can get together and run with each other again! Put on your masks, stop going places inside with each other, follow the guidelines and maybe we can share scenes like the ones in the post together again some day!

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