Something to keep forever

Over this summer Sheila and I ran our own race after it had been cancelled. I wrote about it here:

We had hired our friend Ron to put together a film of the process I wrote about above. I am so glad we have it. I was looking for photos the other day of a friend who passed. She hated hated being in pictures and I was sad that I could not just go look them up and see them because she never wanted to be in them.

There are moments in this film where both of us are deeply uncomfortable with the way we “look”. I had gained 80lbs while being injured leading in to the start of this project, it made me very self conscious. I know for a fact when I am old and can’t do these things anymore I won’t watch the film and be upset about being overweight though. I loved the film, and that was part of the film.

I know our families won’t look at the film (if they even ever do) and think “He looks fat”. They will see 2 people who loved each other, loved trail running, who loved putting on an event, and who took on the challenge that they constantly told others they could accomplish.

Having this to watch, to share, to remember will be something I am always thankful for.

So to the point of this. You might not always be here, you might not always be around with your family or friends. Take the damn picture. Shoot the video. Let them have fun with the camera. Memories are great, but sometimes they fade and a little reminder from time to time is nice to have.

If you have not yet, and are interested in this film, you can see it here

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