I started writing about running in 2009 on Runnersworld.com as “RocTheRun” and found I wanted a place of my own to put all my own thoughts and adventures in writing. Over the years my topics of writing drifted away from simply Rochester and into more diverse topics like camping, hiking, and life in general. I created Trails2Brews which held my writing for over 6 years.

I felt a need for a change as my running faltered with injuries and excuses. I needed to start fresh. To emerge on a new trail if you will. Not wanting to lose words that go back years, I brought my old posts here with me to be given a fresh home that would now have new content

In 2012 I met with 3 other local runners and we formed #TrailsRoc – The premier trail running company in New York State. Check out what we are up to at www.trailsroc.org 

In 2015 my wife Sheila and I launched Trail Methods – We host a variety of races and media opportunities

Follow along as I find my way on this new and exciting trail.