The Buffalo Shamrock Run Race Report

What: The Buffalo Shamrock Run. A run through the Old First Ward and the neighborhood my parents grew up in before moving from South Buffalo to West Seneca. South Buffalo is one of the most proud Irish neighborhoods in the country. I love going home to visit and especially seeing these..


The Weather: 35 degrees, snow, and the kicker… 30 mph consistent wind, gusts up to 48mph in the time frame during the race. I am not a small guy and there were 2 or 3 times when I was actually MOVED by the wind. The course was actually changed from 4.97 miles to 4.55 because we were unable to run across the Buffalo River due to the high winds making it unsafe.



Overall time: 35:16 official


Overall; 419 out our 3,646 My goal was top 500. I am happy with 419, If I had known about the short course, I am assuming it would have been 3-something.

Age; 341 out of 2507 – Big age group

Elevation chart:


Mile reports:

Mile 1: 7:41 Wind at our backs from the left.

Mile 2: 7:45 Wind straight into face from the left

Mile 3: 7:59 Wind straight into face from the right

Mile 4: 7:51 Wind straight into face head on

Mile .55 4:09 -Wind at our backs from the left hard push at the finish. I wish I had known this was.55 and not .97, that changed the way I ran the final stretch.

**** The wind was so powerful the finish clock had to be taken down, and race officials had to actually lay down on the mats for the timing chips as the wind was literally lifting them and blowing them away. The wind was actually pretty dangerous. It was lifting things, ripping off some roof tiles, knocking down power lines and tree limbs… it was wiiiiiiiindy *****

High Points: I ran with a plan to try out my Flower City Challenge pace. I am happy to say with pretty minimal effort I was able to run that pace. I did not really “race” this event. We ran at least 2 of the 5 miles DIRECTLY into a 30mph wind and felt like it did not even bother me that much. I felt strong, I felt fast, I felt totally under control. This is exaclty what I wanted out of this race.

I had so much fun. I did not really press hard because this was a planned pace run, but it felt awesome out there.

Low Points: I wish I had known the course ws 4.55 and not 4.97 I would have gone harder, earlier. I can’t control the weather, but man that wind was strong. There some times that the wind actually took the breath out of me. I love this race, so not so much low points…

Thoughts moving forward: More runs need to be as fun as this one was, no check that more races need to be fun like this one was. I need to get the nutrition under control, I am going to be starcing on marathon day. Ihave thoughts of seeing a nutritionist or my gastroenterologist to try to come up with some sort of food plan for race days. I guess I also have to try things.

I feel great… it’s time to just keep on keepin on.

3 thoughts on “The Buffalo Shamrock Run Race Report

  1. kate

    this sounds awesome! its great to see you have such a great attitude toward crappy conditions! most people would probably be complaining but you seem to have made the best of it! awesome 🙂


  2. Erin

    I was at the race, as well. Loved it despite the nasty weather!! I will be back. I heard they cut it short because of a downed power line. I would have run the final stretch a little differently, too, if I had known they were going to cut it short. Oh well…I will be back next year! Johnny’s is up next for me…


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