Meet our best friend

Say hello to Picasso.

He is a SpringerDoodle… yep, a very manly type of dog… but also one that does not shed, and was OK with Sheilas allergy issue. No dog was almost a deal breaker for me, so finding this guy… what a stroke of luck.

He is such an important part of our lives that I decided to give the little bugger some posts of his own to highlight on here.

He was born March 17th 2009 – That’s right. St Patricks Day. A dog after his Irish owners own heart.

Our first meeting
Meeting his big brother for the first time.

If we had never met Murphy, we would never have known we could have a dog…

car ride home
First tug of war
Needed to learn to not stand in his food…

He wanted nothing to do with wet grass on his first night

Picasso is a runner, a hiker, a swimmer, a jumper and everything in between. People may laugh at the breed of Springer Doodle.. but this guy is for real. Not a mountain he can’t climb, a lake he won’t swim, a hike or run he won’t take.


It is amazing the roles that he can play with the family

Protector and cuddler with my wife, wrestler, runner and hunter with me.



He just turned 3 last weekend, enjoyed himself a bone and a sunshine filled day hanging out, chewing sticks and enjoying a campfire.

Come along and follow our journey, see what products we use, and where our adventure takes us.

10 thoughts on “Meet our best friend

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    OMG what a dollface. We have 2 crazy cocker spaniels – both rescues. They are most definitely not runners, hikers, or swimmers. They are good sleepers though


  2. misszippy

    Ah–love him and love that he is an active part of the family! My dog is a 13-yr. old whippet. He used to be my running partner, but he hung up his running shoes a long time ago…


  3. Tara Burner

    awwwwwwwwwww he’s adorable!
    we have multiple critters between my house & the ex’s…but here at my place…Chico..chihuahua who sadly is going in surgery Sunday for kidney stones..poor guy…. then we have TARDIS..turtle..who hangs out on the balcony in his pool


  4. Julie

    Who laughs at the springerdoodle breed?! Aside from at the name, which is a little silly sounding. They clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. Murphy and Picasso will set them straight!


    1. I think there was a chevy commercial last year that was talking about being manly and how a man would never buy a dog with the name “doodle” in it…. blagh


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