"Round The Bay" Report

What: This Saturday was the annual “Round The Bay” run organized by three running clubs in Rochester – Bagel Bunch (Greece), Gold Rush (Irondequoit) & Oven Door(Bushnell’s Basin) They decide when the run will be in March before the outlet bridge is out (the bridge is only in for certain months and is taken out once boating to the lake picks back up).We spend a nice Saturday morning literally running around Irondequoit Bay.

The route we took today was a bit over 14 miles. It covered some huge uphills, huge downhills, some wonderful views of the bay and great conversation and fun along the way. The course would be a great course for a challenging race someday.

Yep, we ran around that.

The Weather: While I am currently looking out my window at a calm, sunny, beautiful March day – We ran the run with 20 degrees, snow and wind. Typical of Rochester. I was hoping to be able to run in shorts this morning, but that just didn’t happen. We had to bundle up and shiver at the start.

Right before we set out.. cold, but ready.
“This is going to be hilly isn’t it” Yep
With Ron; Fellow founder of http://www.TrailsROC.org

The route: Some busy roads, some empty roads, some great views, some odd views, through a few towns, and back to the start. Great route.

Must not be meant for us

Slow Down sign confused me….


Overall time: I ran some up and backs to add a bit of mileage and pace to the run putting me at about 14.3 for the total run while Sheila had her Garmin showing 13.9. Regardless it took me 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Life is worth living in Webster… what was it before we got there?
I think this horse would disagree with if it was worth living here…

Elevation chart: Lets go ahead and call this course “hilly”. No, really, check it out. What great training grounds if you have a hilly race or run planned in your future.

So we climbed and came down the same amount, but there was a lot of elevation change!

High Points: Even with all the hills, Sheila ran a really strong run. The run felt almost easy for me, I never really struggled, I just ran and had a ton of fun out there. I took pictures when I wanted, ran hard when I wanted. The course was nice enough, a few decent views. It was a new route for me, so I enjoyed that. All in all a well organized, well represented run.

There they are finishing strong!

Low Points: I wish the restrooms had been open to start.  Nutrition I need to find something that works for me. Anytime I pushed the pace after taking my gu it caused me trouble. If I want to run the times I am capable of running, I need to fix this. No low points in regards to the run, it was wonderful.

Thoughts moving forward: We enjoyed the run. The bridge will be out soon, but we have made a decision to meet up this summer with a few cars. Park 1 on one side of the outlet and the other opposite. Then we will run this course, hop in a car, head back to the other side and go get some ice cream and shakes at Abbott’s!

Yep... ran around it.

3 thoughts on “"Round The Bay" Report

  1. Jamie @ couchtoironwoman

    Awesome job! I wish that Mike and I were up to that mileage, although with a half marathon next weekend we probably wouldn’t have done it anyway! Definitely will join you next year or in the summer since we will be doing Marathon training for Wineglass.

    Great job!


  2. Ron

    I totally love the Abbots idea, especially since there is one on each side;) Great running out there, it was a fun albeit chilly time.


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