Genesee Brew House

My dad is in town this week hanging out with us and we decided that would be the perfect opportunity to go over to the new Genesee Brewhouse. The Genesee Brewey gets a strange rap. People here locally either love it an talk about how great it is, or they hate it and tell you that the Creme Ale gives them the runs.

Brew house with outdoor deck and rooftop bar

I am almost 100% convinced that people say that who don’t actually drink The Creme Ale. Which by the way is a has more than once won the World Beer Cup Gold Medal in the lager/ale category.

I think what happens, is when something is “affordable” we make fun of it. We mock it. We somehow affiliate “pricey” with “better’. In Western NY especially Rochester where Genny is brewed, it is extremely affordable. A 30 pack for 15 bucks. In NYC you will pay 9 bucks in trendy  overpriced bars and restaurants for a bottle. They are loving it out there. I guess it is perspective.

So what is the Brew House all about? The Genesee Brewery has been around for YEARS…. but not the brew house.

According to the Genesee Brew House website 

The Genesee Brew House was created to capture and share with you the long history of The Genesee Brewery – one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in America. But the Brewery itself isn’t half as interesting as the beer and the people who make it.

The Brew House was established in 2012 and the building itself was in fact part of the original Genesee Brewery campus more than 100 years ago. We’ve taken this building and transformed it into a special place that tells our story and the story of brewing beer in Rochester, New York.

So let’s talk about the place. When you walk in to the first floor, there is a museum and gift shop. It really is pretty awesome. They have videos they have info boards, they have all kinds of cool old Genesee Beer artifacts all in a well lit, clean feeling space. Perfect to browse through on your way to sample some beer.


In addition to the fun old relics, there is a store to pick up your favorite Genesee gear and beer. We picked up the new Fall Heritage Pack that has some newer beers in the Genesee lineup – Genesee Red, 12 Horse, and Fife and Drum. These are much more the “microbrew” style beers, and a 12 pack gives you 4 of each! So the store and museum are great.  What I loved the most about our visit though was the pilot brewery.


First off the Pilot Brewery – Genny has a Pilot Brewery and Flight tasting section. A flight  gets you 4 choices for $2.00. The best part is, when the brewmasters begin making NEW beers, we can sample, and rate them. That is going to be cool. The $2.00 from the Flights is partly donated to local charities. A local brewery (8th largest in the country btw) helping local causes!

We were able to get a good sampling to choose from this day. It included JW Dundees IPA, Oktoberfest, English Ale, Pale Ale, and a Porter. Honey Brown was also a selection. Then of the Genesee Beers, you could choose from the 12 Horse Ale that was brought back this summer, The Creme Ale (previously mentioned) Regular old school Genesee, and finally, the newly reintroduced Genesee Red Lager which I was excited about!

I sampled the Red, the honey brown, the IPA, and Oktoberfest! LOVD the Red, and decided to get a full glass of it and the Heritage pack when we went for dinner! We had a blast sampling beer, hanging out, talking about what we liked/didn’t like. Etc



From our sampling, we worked our way upstairs to the restaurant. The menu is more of a “happy hour” or lunch style menu, nothing to really write home about, but the atmosphere was awesome. We decided to sit at the bar and watch the Air force – Navy Football game while enjoying a cold beer ad appetizers.


I ordered chicken wings, Sheila and my Dad shared mozzarella sticks and onion rings. The chicken wings were absolutely some of the best I have ever had since we moved here from Buffalo. They were thick, juicy, just the right flavor. Awesome. I would go back just for the wings!


                                                                                                             A nice cold glass of Genesee Red

It was nice to just hang out and relax and watch some football in such a great atmosphere. In addition to the restaurant, museum, store, and pilot brewey. There is a rooftop bar and an outdoor dining area that looks right at High Falls. The views are awesome. I happen to love High Falls and the Platt Street Bridge which connects the Brewery across the Genesee River to the Ball Park district.


All in all our trip to the new brew house was awesome. I walked away with my new Fall Heritage pack 12-pack. We had some good food. Really got to enjoy the museum, loved checking out the pilot brewery and had fun showing my Dad one of the renewed parts of Rochester as the city walks along a path of reviving it’s downtown/high falls area!



If you are ever in Rochester – Give this place a try!

5 thoughts on “Genesee Brew House

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Sounds fun! Do you live in that area? We were in Ithaca for the last 6 years… love that area. You’re so right about people equating price with quality… it’s often true, but not necessarily so!


  2. Wow, that looks great! We don’t really have anything like that around here. And the only Gennessy I’ve seen here is the “ice” malt beverage in a big tall can – our friend drinks it regularly and it’s like $0.99! Thanks for linking up in my #DrinkUpLinkUp!


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