Champion C9 Puffer Jacket Review

Intro: I have been on the look out for a jacket to wear while snowshoeing the Adirondak high peaks in the winter, to wear after cold weather runs while hanging out, and to wear on those tough winter days where I am still going to be moving about right here in Rochester.

It needed to have core warmth. It needed to be breathable. It needed to give me some dexterity for moving around obstacles on the trail, like around trees, or over boulders.

I came across this coat from Marmot…. and it’s 170 dollar price tag. It seemed like the perfect coat. Minus that cost…

That was the jacket I wanted… but not the price. Then, while shopping for Sheilas Christmas gift, I came across this jacket from C9 by Champion.

It is almost the exact same coat, with the exact same concept as the Marmot coat.The catch; 25 dollars on clearance! STEAL.

I own MANY C9 by Champion products, from my winter summit boots, to my summer running tshirts, so I was confident that the product could be trusted. I bought it right away. I am even thinking of going and getting another. Check below for my review.

Getting ready to go out in my new C9

Some details: The Champion C9 product line is a Target specific brand created for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts. The C9 Puffer jacket is made of a water resistant/wind resistant polyester shell that Champion has labeled as “Venture Dry”. The coat is insulated with Champions new “Venture Loft” technology that is lightweight, yet maintains loft and warmth. The fill is 65% Down and 35% other water fowl feathers.

I tested the jacket in the following conditions.

28 degree wind – no snow. 26 degree Blizzard like snow and heavy wind. 25 degree wind and freezing rain (Not gonna lie, that test sorta sucked).

I then took the coat on an hour long snowshoe hike at about 28 degrees with a slight breeze off of Lake Ontario through the trails at Durand Eastman Park to work up a sweat and see how it really performed in the conditions I hoped to  use it under.

The Highlights:  

The price! I ended getting mine on sale for just $24.98 – I am tempted as I said, to go back and purchase another because it is a downright steal. Online you can currently purchase it for 34.98.

Performance – In heavy snow – In freezing rain – and while sliding down hills at Durand on our snowshoe excursion, I literally stayed high and dry. The only moisture getting in coming from my own sweat.

Speaking of sweat – Breathable – I normally pull off my outer shell layer, and I am soaked with sweat underneath – I finally found a coat that breathes well! I think it has a lot to do with;

1. the arms not being insulated so they can cool me efficiently.

2. Down. This is my first product with down- I usually end up with a synthetic. Down is pretty awesome. I can see why people love it.

Design. I have the blue version. I think it looks awesome, especially against the white snow. There is a nice contrast. I have had and still use the “plain black” coat, but I like me some style. This jacket has it.

Functional use – A chest pocket to keep my phone/camera and 2 giant side pockets. All 3 have zippers. There is also a large interior pocket as well as an MP3 access point for your headphones.

Zipper Flap – Many coats are starting to incorporate this – but not many at this price point. Who wants to deal with a freezing cold zipper rubbing their chin raw while climbing a mountain in the winter? Or even just shoveling a driveway for that matter.

Putting it to the test!

Comfort- Above all else, the coat feels right. It is smooth and soft, yet warm and dry. It moves easily, and has a nice form fitting feel to it. If everything else were true and the coat was not comfortable, I would return it. This is a nice bonus to have, and makes it worth every penny, regardless of how few I spent on it.

Room For Improvement – 

Durability? I am not sure how long the coat will hold it’s loft.It seems to be lacking just a little bit. for 25 dollars- I could buy 7 of them for the price of 1 of the Marmot…. so I  am ok if the loft does not last as long.

Not an all winter coat – It won’t be ideal for SUPER cold days. I am talking in the single digits with wind. That is not what this coat is designed for though. I have one that will keep me warm in those conditions. Or I can just throw a shell on top of it and keep on moving.


Overall: I am shocked I found a jacket that has everything on my checklist at such an astonishingly affordable price. The jacket does everything as advertised, and as I said, I trust the C9 Champion product. If you are looking for that coat to breathe well, keep you warm, and look great out on the trails this winter, then this is the jacket for you. Check it out, let me know what you think.

And now for some fun dog pictures, because he goes where we go!


***** Opinions are the content of RocTheRun for purpose of sharing his love of running and nutrition – ******

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