The ups and downs of comebacks

Yesterday was no fun for me. We set out to run, what should have been about 4-5 miles in a flat park to set the course for our upcoming race – Last Runner Standing.

I knew from step 1 that my leg was going to give me issues. Not “you shouldn’t run,  you will reinjure” issues, but the “Ugh, the surgery put your calf in an anatomically different location and that is going to cause some aches and pains in other places.”

I also know that running at my weight adds to the complexity of trying to come back.

I ended up with 2 miles. I ran less miles than I had beers later that night. Not a good weight loss tactic.

Last week was the opposite. We took the dogs to Durand, and ran a very hilly route faster than I had run since returning, had little to no niggles, and even wore both dogs out before retreating to sit in front of the fire back home.

On Thursday we went to Letchworth to meet and plan out Many On The Genny for 2018 and I did a quick 2 miles on the FLT, my first time on trails since the surgery.


So I think finding a better way to deal with the lows will be as important as celebrating the highs.

I have to continually remind myself that while I sat around and stagnated and gained weight, others did not. I cannot be where I was, but I do not have to be satisfied with where I am.

Balance is pretty important, and something I have often struggled with. Today is 4 months since the surgery and 1 year removed from the original surgery. I am well ahead of schedule but still have so far to go.

Those are the ups and downs. They can be amazing and suck in the same breath.

Moving forward, and according to strava – – – even when I don’t believe it – – – Trending faster.

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