Global Fat Bike Day

Yesterday was Global Fat Bike day. I was invited to ride an event at Durand Eastman beach which is across the street from Durand Eastman Park which just so happens to be my favorite park. Sheila and I met a friend for a 10 mile trail run. After the 10 they went back out for 5 more while I took the leaf blower to clear almost 2 miles of single track. I love how clean the single track looks when the leafs get removed.

About 40 riders showed up around noon on an unseasonably warm December day. How warm? Well, we rode on the shores of Lake Ontario in shorts. I even managed somehow to fall IN the lake… in DECEMBER… and pick my bike up and keep on riding.




I currently own 2 fat bikes. Which is an absurd story in and of itself, so Sheila and I were able to invite some friends to come ride. Our friend Kevin took us up on the offer and came to ride. We had a blast splashing, climbing, and getting everything covered in sand. There were $6,000 bikes and $200 bikes with everything in between.


There were a few photographers out there to take some pictures and one guy with cameras on his helmet – handle bars – and frame. He put together this pretty nifty video documenting all that we did.

Global Fat Bike Day 2015 Rochester NY from Brian Managan on Vimeo.


Every time I ride events like this I have fun with it. I am not sure I will ever want to be a big time racer or hard core cyclist – but once a week rides and the occasional event are right up my alley!




Many of the local bike shops rent fat bikes and we have that spare one sitting around. If you want to get out and see how much fun it is to ride a fatty – Let us know!


Rons Photos

Tims Photos

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