A familiar feeling

Yesterday I woke up and my legs were wrecked. Tired wrecked, not injured wrecked. I have dealt with the mornings of injury and surgery feeling for years. Yesterday though I woke up with a familiar feeling. An oddly comforting one.

Post workout fatigue.

On Tuesday Sheila and I had gone to Durand and my plan called for 6 climbs up snake hill and 5 miles total. In typical fashion I had forgotten to start my watch – the the miles would not matter as much as the hills.

We ran a bit up the first hill, unable to catch my breath, we power hiked. Each hill we ran a bit more, until hill #4 when we walked a bit earlier. Sheila was in front, and I would thankfully relent from chasing each time we hiked. Working to catch my breath as we continued up the hill – Across the flat – Back down the other side.

Snake hill is a loop that is just about 1/2 mile long. A steady climb – a flat connector – Then a really fun downhill on the backside of the hill.

On climb number 6 I told myself I was just going to run the whole climb, no matter the pace. So that’s what I did. I sucked wind, my quads screamed at me to stop, my mind was like “Yo dawg, you still to heavy for this shit” But I went up the hill heart beating and full  – Working for something I really love again.

On the previous run on Saturday, my phone was on and caught a moment of brevity – We were squishing down a muddy section in Letchworth and I did not know the video was recording. The audio is worth digging in to though. “I’m not too great on my feet right now, it’s kind of embarrassing compared to what I used to be like…… takes practice ya know?”

Breaking this down in 3 parts………

  1. I am not too great on my feet right now – That’s true lol. It’s ok to be honest.
  2. It’s kind of embarrassing compared to where I used to be – That’s not true. It’s not embarrassing. It just is what it is, so many people would love to be in the position I was in during that moment. Also, I still get sucked in to this comparison mode… That’s a work in progress!
  3. Takes practice, ya know? – Yep. That’s what the coming weeks will be all about for me.

So the familiar feeling of tired legs came back. The mind game needs to get turned up. The running will help fill some space and time while we are still not able to visit and see people.

It’s strange not not share this with people, but that familiar feeling…… If you know it, you get it and if you get it you know it…….

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